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It all started with at least two homo sapiens to populate the Earth over thousands of years.  Gaia Capitalism is based on the ancient philosophy that we all need to live and work in ways that benefits everyone.


What is Gaia Capitalism?

Gaia Capitalism is a philosophy that combines the financial and the humanitarian aspects of our shared world. It is based on the belief that all humans are valuable, that all beings on Earth deserve respect and dignity.

Gaia Capitalism affirms that all workers are due an honest wage for an honest day's work. This is an extremely controversial subject because in the last 10 years we have seen our country's wealth pass through to the top 20% of American - most specifically the top 1% of Americans. The rest of us have not done as well since the Great Recession of 2007 - 2008. 

Although governmental reports paint rosier pictures of higher employment, at least half of Americans struggle to make ends meet.  Wages, salaries, paychecks have not kept up with the cost of living. Also, most companies now do not offer benefits like affordable health insurance, sick pay, maternity leave, etc.

This is an aside but I think epitomizes the attitude of business these days (I may be wrong - we''ll see).  Walmart, the largest, most profitable retailer in America is making employees buy their own uniforms. Really? Here these workers are - many on public assistance because their Walmart pay is not enough to feed the kids  and they are being ask to buy their own mandatory uniform.  One employee said in 6 months they'll change the uniform again and, of course, that's more money out of the hands of already struggling employees.

Is this who we are now? Not creating wealth but squeezing every last penny out of people. This is a question we must seek to answer. Gaia Capitalism is a new approach but it is very wise.  Gaia is all with all.


War on Drugs: An American Tragedy

The results are in. After 40 years trying to eradicate drugs by criminalizing drug users, the US has the largest number of citizens in the Justice System in the world. When you consider the families involved as well the number of Americans who have been directly affected by the politically-motivated, profit-driven Drug War is in the millions.

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Unnecessary suffering: Dying in pain

Ronald Piana - HUNTINGTON, N.Y. — "IMAGINE watching a loved one moaning in pain, curled into a fetal ball, pleading for relief. Then imagine that his or her pain could be relieved by an inexpensive drug, but the drug was unavailable. Each day, about six million terminal cancer patients around the world suffer that fate because they do not have access to morphine, the gold standard of cancer pain control. The World Health Organization has stated that access to pain treatment, including morphine, is an essential human right.

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Good News!! Stock Market Due to Fall 50% Any Day Now

Mark Spitznagel, a hedge fund manager who is notorious for his hugely profitable billion-dollar bet on the 2008 crisis. says,“We have no right to be surprised by a severe and imminent stock market crash,” “In fact, we must absolutely expect it." Unfortunately Spitznagel isn’t alone. “We are in a gigantic financial asset bubble,” warns Swiss adviser and fund manager Marc Faber. “It could burst any day.” Faber doesn’t hesitate to put the blame squarely on President Obama’s big-government policies and the Federal Reserve’s risky low-rate policies, which, he says, “penalize the income earners, the savers who save, your parents — why should your parents be forced to speculate in stocks and in real estate and everything under the sun?”

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More than a billion people were hungry in 2009

"Twenty-nine countries show alarming levels of hunger and more than a billion people were hungry in 2009, according to a new report on global hunger. World leaders are far from a 1990 goal of halving the number of hungry people by 2015, according to the annual Global Hunger Index published by the International Food Policy Research Institute and other aid groups. "The index for hunger in the world remains at a level characterized as 'serious,'" the report states. "Most of the countries with 'alarming' GHI scores are in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia." The report identifies children as particularly vulnerable.

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Glenn Beck and the Traveling God Show

Glenn Beck, news commentator and political activist, held a very successful rally in Washington D.C. this past weekend (Saturday, August 28, 2010) with attendance estimated between 30,000 to 500,000 people. The photos of that day are reminiscent of the Martin Luther King, Jr. civil rights rally held exactly 47 years before. While Beck said the day was dedicated to social action and to honor military veterans, the atmosphere was one of great political frustration with the United States government. Beck very clearly said that our nation must return to God or else we are doomed to socialism or communism. But what does "returning to God" mean? Will it be based on the teachings of the Bible - especially the Ten Commandments and the New Testament? If so, then how do we reconcile the outward behavior of right-wing Christians and the teachings of the Christ? "Love thy neighbors as thyself" seems fine until it comes to Arab, Muslim, Canntheists and/or Mexican neighbors. "Thou shalt not kill" is a lofty idea except when it entails protecting United States interests, waging (undeclared) wars and executing criminals under the death penalty.

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Where are the leaders?

Since writing that post right after the Deepwater Horizon explosion we have all learned thet the spill is far larger than we thought. Certainly larger than we wre led to believe by BP and government. Mississippi governor said the media was causing more ruckus than the oil spill right up to the tiem oil balls, patties and slime showed up on his beaches.

Journalists are being kept away. Independent public observers and documenters are restricted access. I believe the BP oil spill disaster is more catastrophic than we understand.  It will take time to gather all the evidence - if that's even possible - but BP is not going to come out of this looking good. Criminal in my mind after hearing what some of the employees on the rig have to say.

This is as bad as Katrina. Maybe worse because no one knows how much more oil will be spilled and what the ultimate impact will be. Hurricane season. If a hurricane were to sweep through the coast the flooding would contain toxic oil, dispersants and dead sea creatures. Is any town, county or parish up to the task of cleaning up toxic waste in a worst-case scenario?

The oil is surrounding the Louisianna coast now. Hit Lake Pontchartrain yesterday. It will get worse and worse until that well is killed.


We be in trouble! If this is typical of our Democrat party candidate then well, ....

In an interview with The Guardian, South Carolina U.S. Senate candidate Alvin Greene (D) discussed his "big idea" to create jobs in his state.

Said Greene: "Another thing we can do for jobs is make toys of me, especially for the holidays. Little dolls. Me. Like maybe little action dolls. Me in an army uniform, air force uniform, and me in my suit. They can make toys of me and my vehicle, especially for the holidays and Christmas for the kids. That's something that would create jobs. So you see I think out of the box like that. It's not something a typical person would bring up. That's something that could happen, that makes sense. It's not a joke."


"Does the candidate get paid?"

-- South Carolina U.S. Senate candidate Alvin Greene (D), when first asked if he would grant an interview with Time magazine.


Who are these people?


Disaster beyond imagination

On Earth Day, I vastly under estimated the proportion of disaster that the sinking of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf Coast poses. In that post I said it was spilling 35,000 gallons. Today it has reached the significant title of Worst Oil Spill Disaster in History.  Worse than the Exxon Valdez oil spill which dumped 11 millions gallons. And, it keeps on spilling.  No way to turn the leak off. Every minute more oil is released and there's no end in immediate site.

The fisherman in Louisiana and all the Gulf Coast states are sick at heart. The carnage and destruction before their eyes must be unbearable. Their livelihood, their work place is doomed. First dead turtle floats ashore today.

This is unthinkable in Norway which also has deep water oil rigs offshore of their fjords. The government has issued and enforced strict safety laws would would have prevented the spill becoming so enormous.  They require that managers actually test their remote-controlled shut-off valves. To make sure they work.  BP said in their filing papers that an explosion and blow-out was nearly impossible therefore they didn't need a disaster plan. No worse-case scenario disaster plan. Completely and totally irresponsible.